Chic Engine follows on the footsteps of Riya's Like.com, building a smarter, faster, and easier to use fashion search engine where you search using images rather than keywords.

Does your friend have that piece of clothing that you are just dying to have but don't know where to find it? Do you find it frustrating trying to describe clothes in terms of keywords? Do you wish there was a better way?

Chic Engine solves all these problems. We have built a search engine that analyzes images rather than the text of the webpage they appear on. So when you upload a picture of a blue shirt, guess what? We find all the blue shirts for you. No more guessing the right combinations of keywords to find what you want.

Right now Chic Engine is in beta, but we have added dresses to our search as well! Now you can find dresses that fit your tastes.

Press Info.

Chic Engine is a fashion search engine that allows you to search using images rather than keywords. Users can utilize our search engine to find pieces of clothing that appeals to them personally by providing an example image of the clothing (or fabric) they are interested in. Other search engines on the web do not yet have a visual search component. Chic Engine is aiming to be the first successful visual search engine online focusing in the fashion area.

For logos, screenshots, and more, download our press kit.


Adrian Rosebrock
Owner, managing partner, developer.

Adrian Rosebrock is the owner and managing partner of ShiftyBits, LLC, which he started in 2011 after receiving his Bachelors of Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County in 2010. He received his Ph.D at the same institution in 2014, specializing in computer vision, machine learning, and ensemble methods. Inspired by his love for clothing, fashion, and computer science, he created Chic Engine, a visual fashion search engine using images.

Adrian Rosebrock

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