Example Bulk JSON Feed


This page details how to construct a JSON feed for bulk product importing into Chic Engine. An example JSON feed is provided as well as description of each attribute. After constructing your JSON feed, you can validate your feed schema using the form at the bottom of this page. However, if your JSON feed validates against our schema does not mean it will pass all other validation tests that Chic Engine will run at a later date (e.g. checking to see if the imageURL points to a valid image or not). After you are comfortable with your JSON feed, you may submit the feed on the bulk product import page.

Example JSON Feed

Attribute Description

Below follows the description of each attribute used in the JSON feed.

  • items: The list of items you are imprting. Each item in the list must have the following four attributes stored in a dictionary.
  • title: The name of the item you are importing. e.g. Printed Knit Dress, Houndstooh Sweater Dress.
  • itemURL: The URL of the item you are importing into Chic Engine. The item URL is simply the website address of where your product can be accessed. For example, http://www.express.com is not an item URL, but http://www.express.com/ponte-knit-fit-and-flare-dress-52838-683/control/page/3/show/3/index.pro is.
  • imageURL: The image URL is where the image of the item you are importing lives. This should not be the URL of the product, but the URL of the image itself. Normally the image is a JPG, PNG, or GIF. For example, this is an item URL, and this is an image URL.
  • price: The price of the item you are importing.

JSON Schema Validator

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