Chic Engine iPhone application, visual fashion search on the go.

See. Snap. Find.

Chic Engine is Fashion 2.0. Start snapping, start finding. Snap a photo of fashion that you love and find it for sale online immediately. It’s that simple.

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Here are a few features of our iPhone app

Take a Photo

Start snapping, start finding.

You are walking down a sunlit boulevard when that lust-have moment hits. The girl across the street, gliding so effortlessly, confidently, chic. Her dress, you must have it. But where did she get it? You snap a picture of the dress with your iPhone. And then you immediately find the dress and other similar items online using Chic Engine. This is Fashion 2.0.

Move and Scale

Let us know what piece of clothing you are interested in.

Before we can tell you where to find the dress of your dreams, you need to tell us what part of the image to look in! Chic Engine is powered by all kinds of fancy computer science allowing it to find the fashion in images, but nothing beats a human giving us a hint! Move and scale the image to include as much of the clothing as possible. Taking an extra second to center the dress and zoom in on it can improve your search results.

Select a Category

What type of clothing are you looking for?

Now wait a second. Couldn’t that dress look extra cute as a blouse? Or what about that print? That would be mega ferosh as a shirt. Chic Engine has you covered. Just select which category you want to search in. We understand that just because you took a picture of a dress doesn’t mean you want it as a dress. Maybe you want it is a blouse! Just select your category and touch "Search". From there, we examine the colors and patterns in the photo and do our best to match these colors and patterns to items in our database.

Find Your Fashion

We automatically return similar items.

Your job is now done, it's our turn to take over. We take your photo and category choice and start the search. We look at thousands upon thousands of items from hundreds of popular online retailers and Etsy users, looking for the fashion in your photo. If we can’t find an exact match, no worries, we simply return the most relevant items to the one in the picture. Oh, and did we mention that we do this automatically and within a few seconds?

Fashion search has never been this easy. So what are you waiting for? Give it a try. Go download the Chic Engine iPhone app on the iTunes app store.

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